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Works with 2.x and 5.x

We support current official and the previous release because many people already use it.
We'll keep our plugin up to date with new Elasticsearch releases.

Easy to install

It's two regular Elasticsearch plugins.
Just copy them on your Elasticsearch server plugin directory.

$ cd elasticsearch/plugins

$ bin/plugin  -i maptimize_mapper -u http://dl.maptimize.com/maptimize_mapper-1.0.0.zip
$ bin/plugin  -i maptimize_clusterer -u http://dl.maptimize.com/maptimize_clusterer-1.0.0.zip

New mapping

To add maptimize on your Elasticsearch data, you only need to change on your geo mapping to a multifield with our new type.

"coordinates": {
    "type": "string",
    "index": "no",
    "store": "no",
    "fields": {
        "coordinates_geo": {"type": "geo_point"},
        "maptimize":   {"type": "maptimize"}

Easy to use JS API

With only two lines of Javascript code, and you'll connect your existing map with your clustered data.

var map           = new L.Map('map_canvas',
                              {scrollWheelZoom: false}),
    mapSystem     = new maptimize.Leaflet(map),
    mapController = new maptimize.MapController(mapSystem,
                                                {key: KEY});

Google Map, leaflet.js and more

By supporting leaflet.js, it means it works with OpenStreetMap and MapBox. We also have a BingMap support.
If you use another mapping system, we can make a wrapper for you.

Map provider

Custom rendering

We don't add magic on mapping system API. You still use the mapping provider API, so you can imagine anything to render point on the map. We provided a classic clustering and also an heatmap rendering. But you can create your own astonishing rendering.

Map renderer

Aggregations available on clusters

You can get aggregated values on cluster based on your own data. you can change clusters with pie chart for example, on anything else you can imagine.


If you don't use Elasticsearch on your application, it's not a problem (but we strongly encourage you to have a look at all Elasticsearch features!). You can install Elasticsearch on your server and automatically sync your data.
It's very easy, there is a REST API.
And there provide a lot of clients for ruby, python, php, perl, node, ...



  • One year support/updates included
  • Web / Email support
    (48h, Business hours coverage)
  • 4 days installation / setup included
  • Unlimited max annual incidents